Research Directions

1. Global Distributed Control Synthesis Approach
2. Control over Networks with Limited Bandwidth
3. Human-in-the-Loop Multi-agent Systems
4. Adaptive Consensus Control of Rigid Bodies



[1] Koru, A. T., Sarsılmaz, S. B., Yücelen, T., and Johnson, E. N. (2020). Cooperative Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems: A Global Distributed Control Synthesis Approach. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, in-press. (link)

[2] Koru, A. T., Yücelen, T., Johnson, E. N., and Sarsılmaz, S. B (2020, July). On cooperative control of linear multiagent systems over networks with limited bandwidth. In IEEE American Control Conference (ACC), Denver, CO, USA. (link)

[3] Koru, A. T., Maadani, M., Sarsılmaz, S. B., Johnson, E. N., Butcher, E. A., and Yucelen, T. (2020, Jan). Adaptive consensus control of rigid body attitude motion based on rotation matrices. In AIAA Scitech Forum, Orlando, FL, USA. (link)

[4] Yıldırım, E., Sarsılmaz, S. B., Koru, A. T., and Yücelen, T. (2019). On control of multiagent systems in the presence of a misbehaving agent. IEEE Control Systems Letters, 4(2), 456–461. (link)

[5] Koru, A. T., Yücelen, T., Sipahi, R., Ramirez, A., and Doğan, K. M. (2019, June). Stability of human-in-the-loop multiagent systems with time delays. In IEEE American Control Conference (ACC) (pp. 4854–4859), Philadelphia, PA, USA. (link)


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