Research Directions

1. Internal Model Approach to the Cooperative Output Regulation

The cooperative output regulation problem is to find a cooperative control law for a group of agents the common goals of which are to asymptotically track a class of reference inputs and to reject a class of disturbances while maintaining overall closed-loop stability. To this end, distributed control laws are more practical than centralized ones because of less information exchange. The distributed control laws used to solve this problem can be classified into two categories: feedforward approach and internal model approach. The feedforward approach involves a feedforward gain that relies on the solution of a set of equations consisting of the agent and leader dynamics (i.e., regulator equations). Therefore, this approach is known to be not robust to parameter uncertainties. On the other hand, the internal model approach is robust with respect to small variations of the plant parameters.

FoRCE: Cooperative Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems (Dr. Ahmet Taha Koru)



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